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Take your 9x apart and completely remove the main board. It will of course still be attached to your FrSky module. We will also be cutting some tracks and re-routing the circuits to two spare pins on the AtMega The circuits we are moving are connected to one of the trim switches and a toggle switch so once cut they will no longer work with the stock 9x firmware. Don't worry the version of Open9x firmware will re-configure these lines in software. If we freed up the second USART we could potentially use it communicate with another device such as a playstation controller or usb interface.

This would of course require some code changes. Moving on. First thing to do is tin the pads and spare pins on the AtMega Tinning the pins will help to add a bit of lead to the solder that is already there allowing it to melt at a lower temperature when we add the wires later on.

Search this site. Video and build log. Start and stop both video and photos. Is it real? I think so. Moxon Antenna. Turnstile antenna. Vee Antenna. Arduino on the KK2 Multicopter controller. Arduino simple 4 channel remote control.

Arduino Variometer. Brushless motor laser balancing. Brushless Motor Winding. Hextronik DT winding repair. Lawmate mW 1. Episodes List.Chapter 4: Function 4. This is only valid when the cursor is positioned at the top right edge else move the cursor to the top right edge return immediately to the uppermost screen.

Key can be pressed short or long or very long and each time another action can be triggered Most actions appear immediately after a sort key-press. When a key is pressed for long time, then an action is repeated In some cases a long-time key press is required to trigger the action. This behavior is used for preventing unintentional operations in the standard screen.

There is no undo functionality. If you change a value or remove something by mistake then you have to re-edit the former values manually. The storage procedure is announced by some buzzer-beeps. Change the Trim Values.

turnigy 9x manual

All menus are consecutively numbered and they are cycled by pressing the left or right key. Select one of 16 memory-slots by cursor movement up or down.

Turnigy 9x Manual

Then activate this slot by pressing exit or by cycling to the next model-menu. Please notice the free memory value in the title line. If this value gets lower than about bytes then you should remove some model slots. Properly storage operation is only guaranteed if enough memory is available.

In edit field 'Name' you can change the model name. Move the cursor right to a character position and then change the value. In field 'Proto' you can select one of several transmitter protocols. Normally you select PPM here. In field Timer you can preset a count down start value and a count down mode. OFF: no decrementing.

ABS: always count down. THR: only count down when the Throttle Stick is not in its neutral position. When the cursor is positioned to RM then the whole model memory can be removed by pressing menu.

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Only valid if Cursor is positioned at RM. In this menu you can set up an exponential behavior for each of the four sticks.

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You can open a sub menu 'Expo function Details' to see even more settings like a dual-Rate-switch and a dual rate expo function. You can change the two expo values and the expo switch in this menu.

In the diagram you see the shape of the expo function. Here you can swap the trim values to a base value. After this operation, the trim values in the main screen are repositioned to zero. This menu is the most important menu of the whole arrangement.

You can combine here several Inputs like stick values, pots-values or constants into each one of the output channels. Additionally there are four Helper channels which are used as temporary values X1-X4.

Turnigy 9X Programming Guide

These values are calculated first, and can then be used as inputs.This manual will be a compendium of information pulled from different existing online documents to form a complete and up-to-date user manual for the Turnigy 9XR-PRO digital proportional radio control system.

Help is always just a few clicks away on the internet forums where experienced Ersky9x users volunteer their knowledge and experience. Many of these people have been developing the firmware for years without remuneration; all they ask is donations to fund further development.

Ersky9x and Eepskye are free open source software, independently developed. This manual is provided to help you understand and use them specifically for the Turnigy 9XR Pro transmitter, though much of the information also applies to the Sky replacement boards produced as an upgrade for the 9x transmitter. In using them, you agree that you accept all responsibility. For more information go to the Open RC Forums.

Introduction This manual will be a compendium of information pulled from different existing online documents to form a complete and up-to-date user manual for the Turnigy 9XR-PRO digital proportional radio control system. No results matching " ".Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

Turnigy 9XR User Manual

Install Steam. Store Page. Liftoff Store Page. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This item is incompatible with Liftoff.

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First, carefully disconnect the module from the back. Make sure you don't pull too hard and break the antenna wire. Be gentle. Make sure the transmitter is turned off but your LiPo is charged. This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Nabahaal Offline. Guide Index. Pull out the module on the back and it will work! VIP[P] 2 Feb, pm. Can't get this to work properly No matter what I do, I can only get 3axis working, usually yaw failes.

Liftoff settings are all messed up.However, even a box-stock 9X with default firmware can fly Le Fish with no problem using the custom mixes below. These mixes will yield flaperon control, snapflaps and optionally the ability to reflex and camber the trailing edge using the throttle stick - also known as "4 Axis" control.

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Dual rates and exponential will allow control of a Madstab elevator, too. These mixes will allow you to use the throttle stick to dynamically control the trailing edge of the wing. Having the stick centered will result in a unmodified trailing edge. Pushing the stick forward up will reflex raise the trailing edge. Pulling the stick back down will camber lower the trailing edge. This allows you to easily control the lift and drag generated by the wing, which can be exploited in a number of ways to improve the performance of Le Fish.

Note: These curves will result in a pretty large area of "deadband" around stick center. This is intentional and meant to make it less critical to precisely center the flap stick - so that you won't accidentally change the trailing edge while using the rudder.

A more elegant 4 axis solution is to add a spring to the flap stick so that it self-centers. Alternatively, the parts can be fabricated from any suitable materials aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, etc.

While technically it could be made out of plywood, and it most likely would work, working with plastic or aluminum is not much harder, yet it will allow more accurate work and solid details like spring attachment.

turnigy 9x manual

All is needed is a couple of files, a drill and the proper drill bits. You'll notice on the drawing below that the pivot part is 4mm thick, versus 3mm for the rest.

As the creator of the drawing, I used a rectangular piece of 3mm aluminum, and it's all fine. A washer could be added later if need be to bring the thickness to 4mm at that point.

The reason for the 4mm is to clear the lever from the pot fixing clip. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Notes: These mixes are for the default firmware that comes preloaded on the radio from Hobby King Mixes 1 - 5 copied with small value modifications from SpeedsterDEN's great video tutorial Ailerons are plugged into Ch1 and Ch6 on the receiver.

All others are set to INH. Categories :. Cancel Save.Please read this page for more details about other changes. As usual with each major release new SD card contents are needed, information is on the page.

Previous major version, now stable and still supported for normal use, but no new features or bugfixes will be implemented. This version drops support for AVR-based radios, for those see 2. The nightly builds are automatic builds that are build every day.

As during development, critical bugs might be introduced, these versions should not be used for flying. We provide no changelogs for these builds.

Turnigy 9x y Flysky 9X Manual Configuración Parte 2

To get a rough idea about the changes you can look at the git commit log. SD Card contents for nightly builds. Deprecated, no more support will be given but firmware downloads are still available for the time being.

The original upgrade notes from 2. Firmware downloads are not possible anymore, the below companion is only provided for reference. OpenTX Companion needs to be configured for the proper radio type and with the firmware options you choose, so that a customised firmware file with these options can be prepared for you by our build server and downloaded to your PC. OpenTX Companion is then used to load the firmware to your radio. Sound packs can be downloaded either through companion the Download dialog will point you to the correct directory for the selected radio typeor from the links below:.

Sound packs for OpenTX 2. OpenTX versions are delivered as sets of major and minor releases. Major releases represent big steps with lots of feature changes and new functionality, which require changes in the way model data is stored and thus breaks compatibility with the previous one. Major releases are independent, OpenTX companion 2. Updates between major versions are manual, you need to download the required companion yourself, no updates will be automatically offered.

Downgrading models and settings is not possible, so should you want to switch back to an older major version you will need to either reload your backup or start from scratch again. You can check the release history of OpenTX on this page.

For users wanting to upgrade a Taranis from a pre Flash this using the FrSky method, then upgrade to the latest available version using the bootloader.

Downloads Improving your Tx. OpenTX 2. Qt Linguist tool for translators M DIY radio documentation, driver and bootloader Zadig 2. Taranis Windows USB driver for manual installation Page of 37 Go. Turnigy 9XR. Table of Contents. The transmitter is outfitted with a x64 pixel monochrome LCD, two x 2 axis gimbals, three variable potentiometers potssix 2-position switches, one 3-position switch and some funky Digital trims.

How it works Page 5: Nomenclature What the heck was that? The system receives 4 types of inputs: 1. Main Sticks 2. Potentiometers 3.

Trims 4. Switches The analog inputs sticks and pots go through a calibration phase. The sticks can also go through Expo and Dr filters before going to the mixer. The mixer does it all.

turnigy 9x manual

In this manual they are noted with square brackets [MENU]. Some functions need the button to be pressed and held for a second or so. You can turn off your Tx and turn it back on and the values will be saved. The values are saved internally in the MCU's eeprom.

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However there is a slight delay sometimes so it's probably a good idea to wait a couple of seconds before turning off. Page 8: Transmitter Layout Transmitter Layout The first shows some available timers and traces the throttle stick as well. Here you can set up settings that will be the same regardless of chosen model. Page 13 it's a nice feature. The reverse will also reverse the throttle warning on startup and some other throttle related functions.

Minute beep: Beeps every full minute while the timer is running. Countdown beep: Beeps at 30, 20, 10, 3, 2 and 1 seconds before the timer ends.

The calibration method goes like this: 1. Set Sticks to center. Including throttle and pots 3. Here you can set up settings that model specific. The menus are as follows: 1. Model Select 2. Model Setup 3.